Interesting Reads: Urbanization and Mental Health

What We're Reading

The consumer electronics district of Huaqiang North Street in the Futian District of Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China. – photo Azwari Nugraha

In 1980, China’s Pearl River Delta was home to a handful of small fishing villages, including Shenzhen and its population of around 30,000. Today, Shenzhen is a bustling manufacturing hub of nearly 10 million residents and the Pearl River Delta, home to nearly 57 million.

Shenzhen’s explosive growth, which was the result of a 1979 policy to encourage foreign investment, is an example of the modern trend towards urbanization at its most extreme. As more and more of the world’s inhabitants choose to live in urban settings, the strain large cities impose on our collective mental health becomes greater and greater.

Today, we’re reading “Shaping the Urban Brain” from Scientific American as well as an article on how to reverse those negative effects in Placemaking and Health from



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