Interesting Reads: Friday Favorites for August 5, 2016

Interesting Read

Every Friday, Placemaking Indiana will highlight a few news articles or stories about placemaking and community development that came across our desks and inspired, intrigued, or perplexed us. Or made us laugh, because who doesn’t like a good laugh on Friday? We’ll try to include a mix of news from Indiana, the nation and the world; we’ll also try to keep it recent, but if we read an awesome article from a few weeks ago, chances are we’ll still throw it in.

So without further ado, here are some of our favorite stories we read this week:

Building lovable towns with a bowl of soup – A group in Northern Indiana is working to make their communities “loveable.”

Rethinking the Bus Shelter – Cities around the country are using crowdfunding to remake their bus shelters into more usable public space.

Food For All A-Float The Hudson River – A floating forest garden in NYC hopes to prove that food should be public and in a public space.

Footballs on Demand on The Streets of Brazil – A cookie company in Brazil is testing an innovative idea to get kids playing outside more.

An Anonymous Photographer’s Mission to Preserve Mumbai’s Art Deco – A photographer in Mumbai is using social media to draw attention a unique urban feature that the city could use to increase local pride and eventually tourism.

Superblocks: how Barcelona is taking city streets back from cars – Barcelona’s attempt to remake its streets for people, rather than cars.

China’s Futuristic Straddling Bus is Finally Here – The bus of the future?

Pokemon GO is changing how cities use public space, but could it be more inclusive? – Pokemon GO and inclusive placemaking.

Urban Planning, in Verse – Friday Funny (via Planetizen)

If this format feels familiar, it’s probably because many organizations are sharing relevant news like this, either through blogs, e-newsletters, or social media. One of Placemaking Indiana’s favorites is the weekly news links from Mindi Woolman at Indiana Landmarks. To sign up for that and other Indiana Landmarks newsletters, go here.

(Picture taken in Jeffersonville’s new artist space, in the soon-to-be Arts and Cultural District)


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