Interesting Read: Placemaking According to the Project for Public Spaces

Interesting Read

First Wednesday Wisdom from Project for Public Spaces: What is Placemaking? 

Every Wednesday, we post about an article or PDF that we think is worth checking out as a part of our Wednesday Wisdom series. As our first Wednesday Wisdom post, we wanted to start with the basics by sharing a great comprehensive article that answers the question, “What is Placemaking?”

The article comes from the website maintained by Project for Public Spaces, an organization that has been promoting placemaking ideals for decades. When people talk about Placemaking today, PPS and its philosophy are almost always referenced at some point in the conversation. So who better to explain the very basics of placemaking? You can access the article here. Once you’re done with this article, feel free to look at some of their other resources, and don’t be surprised when you see more of their articles on our blog and website.



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